peugeot 806 runabout

Peugeot 806 Runabout (1997)

At the 1997 Frankfurt Motor Show Peugeot showed a car called Runabout, which is directly related to the water element.

Since there are not a lot of water spaces on the territory of the exhibition complex, a small reservoir was equipped right at the stand. And in the middle of the water surface – as if in a harbor – they anchored the Peugeot Runabout concept car, developed on the basis of the Peugeot 806 minivan.

Runabout really does look like a boat. This car is a kind of symbiosis of a roadster and a pickup truck. Behind a low glass cabin stretches a body covered with a wooden deck. True, it will not work to carry cargo: the luggage is predetermined by the manufacturer – this is a small jet ski! He hides below the deck, and descends into the water through the wide-opening doors at the rear of the car.

Apparently, Peugeot designers are tired of looking at what any concept car is now called a car for outdoor activities. So they did Runabout: he came to the water, put on a bathing suit – and on the water with a motorcycle. It’s a pity that this is only found in “motor show” fairy tales.