renault avantime concept

Renault Coupespace (Avantime) (1999)

The cars with monospace bodies suffer from one common drawback: their shape is very reminiscent of a commercial van. And since there are not so many who want to be like milk carriers, but the monospace itself is functional and convenient, leading car manufacturers are constantly fighting for leadership in this market sector. Here Renault is undoubtedly a pioneer, and its models Espace, Twingo and Scenic managed to win back a significant part of the market.

The Coupespace (Avantime) concept consistently develops a philosophy where there is no trace of the “milk van” image. To do this, Renault stylists, first of all, changed the silhouette of the body, which became stepped in the rear, and also introduced a second, contrasting color into the color of the car. In addition, the body structure itself does not fit completely into any of the accepted classifications. The authors themselves call it, according to the European classification, a coupe-station wagon with a sports orientation. In the New World, such a body would fall into the category of hardtop station wagons, because its design is devoid of the C-pillar and, having lowered both side windows, you can feel about the same as in a convertible while driving.

In 2001 the concept car Coupespace went into a series under the name Avantime. But the demand for such an extravagant car turned out to be not as planned and the production of the car ended in 2003.