pontiac vivant

Pontiac Vivant (1965)

The Pontiac Vivant was not an official GM project: it was built at his own expense by engineer Herb Adams, who worked under John DeLorean on the Pontiac Firebird and Super Duty engines. Inspired by three Alfa Romeo B.A.T. designer Franco Scaglione. Adams made the chassis himself, borrowed an experimental V8 370 engine from Pontiac, and Rolls-Royce bodybuilders helped him build the body. The finished roadster was presented in 1965 at the Detroit Autorama, where it was highly appreciated. Then Adams drove the car for 10 years, although the Vivant did not have a license plate: the car could not be registered due to the complete absence of a roof, bumpers, side mirrors and door handles. In 2017, the restored Vivant was shown to the public at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Photos: @eanofoto for @retromotive