Intermeccanica Titania Veltro Coupe

Titania Veltro Coupe (Intermeccanica) (1966)

In 1966, a one-off prototype, the Titania Veltro GTT 1500 Coupe, also known as ‘Hairy One’, was shown at 48th Salon de Turin. Very elongated, with a diminutive Vanwall-esque air intake, it featured longitudinal slots in the hood as air extracts. Featuring a front-engine configuration using an British Ford 106E power plant, top speed was nevertheless 124 mph. Curiously, this car was similar to that of another great aerodynamicist, Englishman Frank Costin’s Amigo of 1970. Both were aesthetically too long in the wheelbase, neither made it commercially, but both excelled aerodynamically using production engines.