fiat formula legram

Fiat Formula Legram (Italdesign) (1996)

A 4-seater hatchback coupe research model based on a FIAT Bravo & Brava chassis.

The Legram, which debuted at the 66th Turin International Motor Show in 1996, was a more refined version of the Formula concept.

The Legram was created to match the Formula 4 and Formula Hammer, and its appearance was that of an actual 4-seater coupe.

Its smooth and sinuous features were reminiscent of 1960s automobiles, yet it met aerodynamic requirements: the Formula Legram returned a Cd of 0.255 in a wind tunnel.

The grille and light clusters emphasized and exacerbated the original look, which was a nod to the Bravo and Brava. The indicators, high beams, low beams, and fog lights were all contained in a single device.

Source: Italdesign