Jaguar Kensington

Jaguar Kensington (Italdesign) (1990)

A stylish evolution of the high-status saloon, incorporating Jaguar’s signature outward features.

After the provocative trio of Italdesign Aspid, Astec, and Asgard was completed in 1988, the rigorous and sophisticated process of refining and reinterpreting the classic aspects of a high-status saloon to produce a concept car for 1990 began. Jaguar was chosen for two primary reasons: the iconic Double Six V12 engine of the Sovereign, 5345 cc, 295 hp; and Jaguar saloons had not progressed to the same level as their competitors at that time.

The Jaguar Sovereign V12’s chassis and mechanical components remained untouched. The Kensington’s front-end protruded 121 mm more and its tail was higher and reduced by 185 mm compared to the Sovereign. The flush glass on the side windows created an extraordinarily attractive ellipse-shaped appearance. The passenger area has been greatly improved as a result of the increased roof height (25 mm).

Source: Italdesign