Volkswagen Orbit (Italdesign)

Volkswagen Orbit (Italdesign) (1986)

Here is a study for a small and aerodynamic monovolume using the Golf Synchro platform and mechanics.

Beginning with the monovolume bodywork of Italdesign New York Taxi (1975), Megagamma (1978), Capsula (1982), and Together (1984), this research is for a middle-class car with 4 meters overall length and the dimensions of a series car like the Golf Synchro.

The sole difference is that the internal height has been extended by 15 cm, providing passengers with the same level of comfort as a three-box berline.

Orbit research continues alongside Italdesign Machimoto research, and the two affect one another, maintaining a cohesive feeling in the front section where hoods and bumpers are comparable.

Source: Italdesign