Nissan BE concept

Nissan BE-1 Concept (1985)

“Be-1” was exhibited as reference at the 26th Tokyo Motor Show in 1985. Its concept was “Coziness-oriented Car.” The car body was based on the first generation March K10, but its styling and interior reminded people of good old cars. The name come from “Plan B-1”.

Based on a “nostalgic modern” concept, the Be-1 design was well balanced, using rounded features typified by the headlights. The concept extended to the cabin interior, with its full-cloth knit upholstery and round ventilation grilles combining comfort and fun. Notable was its use of recyclable thermoplastic resin (a world first). The canvas top version was launched in March 1987.

When the model was rolled out with a production limit of 10,000 in January 1987, more than 10,000 orders were made, and buyers were decided by lottery. Be-1 triggered the production of Nissan Pike Car Series of PAO and FIGARO. The meaning of the word “pike” was “edgy”, and pike cars were highly unique cars that were manufactured in limited volume.

Source: Nissan Heritage Collection