Opel TECH 1

Opel Tech I (1981)


The research vehicle TECH 1 was a further development that created a buzz at the IAA in 1981. The engineering study demonstrates Opel’s pioneering role in the field of aerodynamics: the experimental vehicle achieves a drag coefficient of 0.235, setting a world record. In terms of functionality and features this four-door vehicle comprehensively and in practical form documented the automobile development of the future.


Less fuel consumption, high economic efficiency, versatility and practical utility: those were the goals that were set by the Opel designers and engineers for the TECH 1. Because the laws of physics cannot be ignored, aerodynamics will always remain a key factor in maximizing fuel economy. TECH 1 exemplifies excellent aerodynamics, preventing turbulences and ensuring greater efficiency in fuel consumption.


With a front fascia and a flowing silhouette that inspired the first Omega generation that premiered five years later in 1986, the TECH 1 set an aerodynamic benchmark with a drag coefficient of 0.235. Its exterior shape was designed in a wind tunnel with the help of computers. The all-around glazing runs flush with the car body. The glass even covers the roof pillars, avoiding air vortex on the sides.


Its interior was just as ground-breaking: electronic digital instruments and electronic touch keys controlled all functions except the brakes, gas and clutch. A distinct comfort awaits the driver and the passengers on inside thanks to an advanced cooling and ventilation system as well as the seating comfort and roominess.

Source: www.opel.com