Oldsmobile Incas

Oldsmobile Incas (Italdesign) (1986)

Inspired by the 1974 Ford Maya, this is a five-door small berline with sport and aerodynamic lines that could be classified as a four-seat coupe.

The general construction of the Oldsmobile Inca is similar to that of the Medusa (1980), a five-door small berline with four seats and a central engine.

Nonetheless, Incas is an uncommon car, a four-seat Coupé, thanks to its opening doors system (front doors with a moveable dome, similar to the Quaranta, and seagull wind opening rear doors) and its powerful sports image.

In any case, it retains the comfort of a berline, with the same distance between the foot-brake pedal and the back seats as the Lancia Thema.

The internal compartment is extremely luxurious, with genuine armchairs in place of seats.

The steering wheel was inspired by an aeronautical cloche as well as some Japanese (Mazda) marketing study that found that new generation automobile consumers, who have grown up with video games, prefer the cloche over standard steering wheels.

Cloche requires simply a 90° steering corner on each side, with gear controls, air conditioning, and a windscreen wiper on the right side. Lights, direction indicators, a radio, and cruise control are located on the left side.

The horn is inserted on both sides.

There are various technical and stylistic solutions in this car that we can find in other prototypes that have been produced and modified, such as the Testudo dome, Tapiro’s doors, Boomerang windows, and Etna glassed roof.

Source: Italdesign