rinspeed tatooo.com

Rinspeed Tatooo.com (2000)

At the 2000 Geneva Motor Show, the Swiss engineering firm Rinspeed unveiled the Tatooo.com pickup truck, imbued with the American spirit of the fifties.

It is not known why the Swiss decided to call the car Tatooo… Maybe because of the variety of companies involved in the creation of the pickup truck. Remus mufflers, Sony audio center and built-in video games, Spies Hecker enamels, OZ Racing wheels, all delivered to one location by Lufthansa. The result is a fast and flashy pickup truck in the spirit of the fifties. Under the long pointed hood hides a mighty American V8 (5.7 l, 409 hp). It enables the pickup to develop 254 km / h and catapults it from standstill to a hundred in 5.9 s.

Tatooo.com is equipped with the original X-Tra-Lift mechanism, which allows you to perform complex loading and unloading of a pickup truck alone. In fact, the mechanism is a primitive remote-controlled crane. For example, you roll a snowmobile onto a special cargo platform that lies on the ground, and after pressing a button, the platform is in the back with the snowmobile. In place of the snowmobile, any other outdoor equipment can be.

Not without reason, along with Tatooo.com, a Ducati motorcycle and a strange scuba diving jet ski from the American company V.O.V. were demonstrated at the booth. It is designed to travel at depths up to 10m. The source of movement is an electric motor. Attendees at the 2000 Geneva Motor Show could see for themselves how easy any of these hefty items could end up in the back of Rinspeed Tatooo.com