Audi Sportback concept

Audi Sportback (2009)

The Sportback Concept unveiled by Audi at the 2009 Detroit Motor Show is a five-door premium vehicle that previews the brand’s future design vocabulary and showcases a range of technologies aimed at improving fuel efficiency.

The design of the Audi Sportback concept is distinguished by a monolithic clarity of the silhouette with a minimum of detail. The silhouette of the roof, the shoulder line and the sills seem to be drawn in one stroke each. The strip of windows of the four-door coupe with frameless glass is made emphatically narrow. Softly shaped fenders over large 21-inch 10-spoke wheels emphasize the precise profile.

Particular emphasis is placed on a characteristic element familiar from the Audi A5 2-door coupe – the shoulder line, which emphasizes the visual parallel of the car body to the roadway. This effect is enhanced by flat and wide LED strips on the rear and front of the vehicle. The graceful shape of the exterior mirrors is inspired by the upwardly directed aerodynamic wingtips of modern jet aircraft, the so-called “Winglets”.

The Singleframe grille has also been reinterpreted. The elimination of vertical ribs, as well as a reduction in its height, emphasize the sporty proportions of the front of the car. The change in the outer contour of the Singleframe grille is also noteworthy – this solution has already been used in the A1 Sportback Showcar model. Cut top corners visually lower the center of gravity.

Air intakes located under the headlights act as air ducts that direct the required amount of cooling air to the engine.

The rear of the concept body is reminiscent of the A5 coupe. The high lip of the trunk lid below the taillights is followed by a smooth surface. The lower edge and horizontal lines are also characteristic elements that underline the sporty character of the Audi Sportback concept. From the world of motorsport “borrowed” and integrated sections of the four exhaust pipes and diffuser.

There is nothing superfluous in the interior, it looks almost puritanical and elegant at the same time. The width and spaciousness of the cabin is emphasized by a large glass sunroof. The ventilation vents, instruments and the retractable MMI monitor are finished in aluminium.

As in the exterior, horizontal lines and wide surfaces also dominate here. The wide center console, extending from the front panel to the rear, is the epitome of functionality.

In the concept car, the flat MMI display is designed as a retractable system. When the ignition is switched on, the display slides out horizontally above the central vent, and then moves vertically in an elegant arc.

Looking at the Audi Sportback concept and touching its surfaces, you can feel the high quality. Almost all interior parts are covered with leather: elements of the upholstery of the ceiling, the front panel, doors, seats and even the luggage compartment. The decorative stitching emphasizes the special style of the car. Large oak inserts on the dash, center console and door panels feature a subtle horizontal pattern with alternating dark and light lines.

The MMI control panel, finished in piano lacquer and brushed aluminium, gives the interior a special touch of exclusivity. Attention to detail is noticeable as soon as you open the door. The shape of the handle almost completely repeats the recognizable lines of the small rear side window: the interior and exterior become one.

At the service of the driver and passengers – four sports seats. Their leather upholstery is quilted with lozenges, a nod to classic GT tradition. The space at shoulder, head and leg level is fully consistent with a business class car designed for long trips. The luggage compartment of 500 liters is also finished with high-quality materials.

Source: Audi Press